“TransGrrrl with the Bubbles”* is a comic diary.
Since transitioning I’m finding myself immersed in the worlds of polyamory, asexuality, transness, depression, queer politics, meditation, medication, public nudity, annoying bikes, magical experiences, life defining moments and weirdly…narrow boat maintenance.,
I should add... Its not all my comics. Some are very personal, things I can't say to anyone or just to triggery or just not my story to tell. Trigger warning: Its not all fluffy, there’s going to be stuff about depression and transphobia in here. It’s part of my life unfortunately and it needs writing about as part of anything like a slice of life comic that’s based in reality. I’ll try and highlight things in the notes on here so you can avoid this if you want to.
Sometimes I do longer comics about issues like Asexual Awareness Week and I’ll put those separately under the “Specials” section, they’re usually the ones I’ve spent longest on.
The “Main Series” of this comic is the bit that’s helped me make sense of all that’s gone on and saved some important moments that have happened. That’s really why I started this.

Hopefully it’s real, honest and occasionally funny .
Updates on Monday and Thursday, If you have any questions there’s a contact page link below.
Happy Reading!

*(And yes, with 3 r’s… like Riot Grrrl ? )